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Everday helper, excursion buddy, sleep companion.

We accompany parents and babies through the first years of life. With well thought-out, high-quality and sensible products. It all started with the search for the best baby carrier for our own children.

For the best start.

"Carrying my children was a real lifesaver for me - finally full freedom of movement and flexibility. And the needs of my children: fully met," says founder Bettina Stomper-Rosam.

Babies grow quickly. Buzzidil ​​grows with you.

We wanted to know exactly what makes a perfect baby carrier. We questioned, prototyped, optimized. No lazy compromises in ergonomics for children, and full comfort for parents. Buzzidil ​​has been setting trends with innovative solutions since 2010. And we are constantly working to get even better, to always think one decisive step ahead.

Innovation and sustainability.

These are our core corporate values. Ecological materials, production in Austria and the EU, sustainable packaging. This also includes sustainable interaction with everyone who works in this company. Compatibility is our daily routine - with 9 employees and their 24 children between 0 and 14 years.

A strong team.

Creativity in our solution. Enthusiasm for our vision to make great products for parents and babies. A friendly relationship. That is what distinguishes our team. We are:

female employees
cups of coffee a week
days a year we have children in the office

Our carrying consultant

Have you heard of Buzzidil ​​and would like to test a baby carrier and put it on to get a feeling of how it fits you and your baby?

This is possible with many of our retailers and carry consultants, but of course you can also come to our office during opening hours (Mon - Fri, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.). Our carryinf consultants will be happy to help you.

From the living room to the world - this is how Buzzidil ​​was created

Since its founding in 2010, Buzzidil ​​has stood for one thing: innovation. With our baby carriers, we always think the decisive step further to make carrying them even more comfortable for parents and babies.

Carrying a baby is not just a trend, it is an attitude: security for babies - freedom for parents.

Our mission is to develop the best baby carrier - without compromise. Sustainability - from the selection of materials to production to dealing with our own employees - is a central corporate value, especially the promotion of children and careers.

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