Hi, I'm Bettina!

I developped Buzzidil for my own kids - with the aim to make the very best baby carrier for my baby.

Without bland compromises.

You are looking for a baby carrier growing along steplessly with your baby not just with respect to the growth in size but also regarding the ergonomic development of your baby?

You want a baby carrier that can be used for a long time and is as individual as you and your baby?

You would like to have a baby carrier that is made in sustainable, ecologic and regional production in Europe at  fair conditions? Here it is!

Buzzidil baby carriers are easy to use, grow steplessly with your baby and offer a maximum of comfort for parents and baby!

Buzzidil – Mission & Genesis

Since its establishment back in 2010 Buzzidil stands for one thing: Innovation

Carrying a baby is more than a parenting trend. It's an attitude: Closeness and security for babies - freedom for parents!

Our mission

Our mission is to develop the best baby carrier possible, without compromises. Sustainability is one of our core values - with regard to the materials used, with regard to the production in Europe and the way we work and live with our employees. "The compatibility of family and carrier cannot just be a goal to achieve. It has to be inherent.", says Buzzidil founder Bettina Stomper-Rosam, being a mom to four herself. 

Out of my living room into the world

What was meant as a baby carrier for my very own baby turned out to be a small enterprise quickly. On playgrounds, whilst shopping, in my holidays ... other parents asked where I got this baby carrier. The moms I knew also wanted one. Obviously my baby carrier hit right into a market niche. 

Thanks to word of mouth my small family project turned out to be an enterprise. Recommended from mom to mom our baby carriers soon reached Germany, France, Italy, Spain. There were requests from Switzerland and finally we even exported to Chile and Singapore. Nowadays Buzzidil baby carriers are not available in our online store but also at numerous retailers around Europe and even outside Europe.

Why "Buzzidil"?

Quite often I'm asked how we found the name "Buzzidil". In fact "Buzzidil" was the nickname of my third son whom I developed the baby carrier for. It derives from the Austrian word "Butzi" which is a regional equivalent for baby. 

Buzzidil grows along

Also with my fourth son, Janine, I went on testing, developping, finding new solutions.

Right from the beginning my aim was to develop the ideal baby carrier for my baby and me. I am convinced that this really makes a difference: When working on a product for your very own child your goal is always the best for your child, no bland compromises. For your own child you do not just aim to achieve a part of a growing market, you want to develop the best product.

With little Jannik I have the chance to test all developments of the recent years again. And I have the chance to develop new baby carrier solutions. Each baby carrier by Buzzidil is unique in its own way. I'm not interested in producing the fifth baby carriers available on the market already. My goal is to always think one step further, to solve a problem parents have with existing baby carriers. 

Pioneer on the babywearing market

With Buzzidil back in 2010 this one step further was its intuitive and effective growing mechanism and the idea to fix shoulder belts alternatively on the back panel or the hip belt (reflecting the ergonomic development of babies). With this ideas Buzzidil was a pioneer on the babywearing market. 

BuzziBu is not just an Onbuhimo - you can transform it within seconds to a comfy buckle carrier, with just one small buckle. 

Wrapidil is the Wrap Tai / Bei Dai that can really grow along from newborn up to 4 years without compromises and without changes of size. 

BuzziTai finally is a Mei Tai / Meh Dai that accompanies baby's growth over 2 years and that offers the possibility to make it a buckle carrier for bigger babies offering a comfortable weight distribution. You don't need any inserts or elements to turn it into buckle carrier. 

There are many more and hopefully helpful ideas for parents waiting for their realization. Creativity happens where others think that product development is completed. 


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