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Buzzidil - a sustainable decision

... because there is no plan(et) B

From the very beginning regional and sustainable production was important to us. Short delivery distances, fair working conditions, reduction of packaging are some steps we take for a sustainable approach to our environment.

We would like to tell you a bit more about what is important to us in the production of Buzzidil Baby Carriers and how your carrier is made.

Fair production, in Europe.

Because it matters!


The fabrics for our baby carriers are woven in two Austrian weaving mills - accoring to strict Austrian quality standards - you can tell by the quality of our fabrics! 

We also do source fabrics from a Turkish weaving mill. Turkey is regionally the nearest cotton producing country. In order to make sure that our fabrics from Turkey meet our approach to sustainability these fabrics are GOTS certified. GOTS is not just about organic farming but also about an ecological production chain: fair wages, compliance with social standards, the colors used etc.

Buckles & more

Of course, a baby carrier is made of more than just fabric - there are cord stoppers, buckles, webbings and more.

High quality and - again - shortest possible transport distances are vital to us. 

Our additionals are sourced in Germany, Austria and Italy.   

Regional Production

Buzzidil baby carriers are sewn in Vienna, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are of course aware of the fact that we could reduce our production costs substantially by producing outside the EU. Although we could then easily persist in a price competition, we believe that this is too expensive for our environment. 

It is important to us that all workers producing our premium baby carriers receive fair pay and work at European working conditions.  We are convinced that this also is reflected in the high quality of our baby carriers.


For deliveries from our sewing plants we developed a packaging cycle. Our Buzzidil baby carriers are not packed in plastic.

Instead we had huge fabric bags produced for us. One set of bags is used for the delivery of our baby carriers from our sewing plant. Another set is then returned to the sewing plant for the next delivery.

These fabric bags have now been circulating several years already avoiding lots of packaging waste. 


When dispatching your order we also aim to reduce waste as far as possible: Therefore we use one box for the dispatch of our baby carriers. This box is produced in Germany.

We do know that e-commerce does result in lots of packaging waste. To avoid this we refrain from using plastic  bags.

From time to time we also recycle boxes we received from our suppliers because we think that they could be used more than only one time. 

Step by step

In the end it is a cumulation of many small steps that contributes to a sustainable and ecologic approach to our environment. 

Flyers and instructions manuals are printed in Austria, also our graphic designer is from Austria. 

On our roof-deck we try to reduce urban hear by means of extensive and intensive roof greening.

Recycling and waste separation are a standard. 

Compatibility of family and career

Sustainable in every way

Sustainable production starts with the choice of raw materials, continues with production, shipping and last but not least also includes the way you treat your own employees. 

Compatibility of family and carreer is not a goal, it has to be an integral part of every employer-employee relationship. There is no such thing like a separation of family on one side and work live on the other side. Both are part of one life. 

In Austria holiday time for school kids sums up to about 3 months per year. Their parents only have 5 weeks holiday time in their jobs. Considering this fact means that we do welcome kids to our office. Also in kindergarten there are sometimes days when kids are not really ill but also not fit - in our kids room they can then relax on the sofa, play a bit, draw at the desk and be near their Mum. Kids are part of our life - also of our professional life. 

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