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Buzzidil is the extra-comfy SSC with buckles and a well padded hipbelt. It’s easy to adjust, easy to use and absolutely stylish. With only one adjustment you can customize its back panel in its width and height to your growing baby – whilst your baby is seated in the carrier. This makes it absolutely easy and secure to adapt.

For an optimum in comfort and ergonomic fit, the Buzzidil baby carrier comes in four sizes. Each grows over a long period of time:


0-18 months I 56-86cm


3-36 months I 62-98cm


8-48 months I 74-104cm


2-5 years I 92-116cm

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Buzzidil at a glance

  • buckle carrier - just click'n'go
  • grows with your baby
  • from 0-48 months
  • easy to adjust, easy to use
  • front and back carry
  • can be used as a hip seat
  • ergonomic and comfortable
  • fair produced in Europe

Buzzidil Buckle Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is your companion and help in everyday life, when traveling and on excursions. Your baby feels safe and can snuggle up to you whilst discovering the world. 

Buzzidil baby carriers grow with your baby. Buzzidil Babysize can be used from birth on up to 18 months, Standard from 3-36 months, XL from 8-48 months and the Preschooler for 2 years old toddlers and up. We do know that from a marketing point of view it would be great to promise a carrier growing from birth up to four or five. However, like a good car seat a baby carrier should give your baby support and security, especially also in the upper back. For buckle and MeiTai carriers with rather narrow shoulder belts this can only be ensured by back panels reflecting the ergonomic need s of babies in their different stages of development. 

With newborns and small babies (below 6 months) you can attach the shoulder straps to the hip belt. This supports the natural C-shape of the back of your newborn baby. 

With babies aged 6 months and more your can attach the shoulder belts to the back panel. Doing so transfers the weight of your already heavier baby from your shoulders to your hips. This makes babywearing even more comfy for you. 

Our Buzzidil Babycarrier is a fullbuckle carrier. That means, it is closed with buckles and you don’t have to tie anything. Once adjusted, the babycarrier will fit perfectly.

When your child grows, you can adjust the settings of your babycarrier steplessly. All Buzzidil baby carriers grow with your baby. By means of the cord system you can let your Buzzidil grow together with your baby. Simply check whether the back panel still reaches to the kneeheel of your baby and adjust it whilst your baby is seated in the carrier!

The Buzzidil Babycarrier is available in four sizes. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy every carrier. You can start with Babysize and then easily switch to an XL. Or, if your baby is a little bigger already, you can use a Standard size Buzzidil. Buzzidil Standard fits up to 3 years. The Buzzidil Preschooler is an ideal hiking carrier for kids aged 2 years and up.

Enjoy an active parenting life. Buzzidil is your companion.

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