MyTai & BuzziTai

MeiTai & buckle carrier

as individual as you and your baby

steplessly growing with your baby

designed in Austria

MyTai - Meh Dai Carrier

The quick and easy entry-level carrier right from the start!

The MyTai is a simple entry-level carrier - as cuddly as a baby sling, but much easier to tie. As a Halfbuckle MehDai, this baby carrier can be put on in a flash: Setting and tying takes just 50 seconds. It's easy to wear because everyday life with a baby is demanding enough!

The best: This baby carrier is also forgiving of binding errors. Tied too loosely? No problem, you can easily readjust. Adjustments on the shoulder straps make it possible. A unique solution!

  • MehDai Halfbuckle
  • continuously growing from birth to 2 years (from 50 cm to 92 cm)
  • can be quickly adjusted and readjusted
  • ergonomic and comfortable
  • Front carrier, hip carrier, back carrier
  • padded hip belt with buckle
  • Back panel made of baby sling
  • 100% organic cotton
  • made in Europe

BuzziTai - Meh Dai & Buckle Baby Carrier

Mei Tai Babytrage Babycarrier

BuzziTai Babycarrier - a soft structured carrier that combines two carrying sysmtems into one: MeiTai and buckle carrier.

  • MeiTai and buckle carrier
  • grows from birth up to 2 years (from 50 cm to 92 cm body size)
  • binding and buckles in one carrier
  • ergonomic and comfortable
  • easy to use, easy to adjust
  • front and back carry
  • padded hipbelt with buckle
  • backpanel made of sling fabric
  • made in Europe

Test your babycarrier

You want to buy a baby carrier and you are not sure which one suits you best? Just make the the everyday test!

BuzziTai -Halfbuckle MehDai & Buckle Baby Carrier

 Since 2010 Buzzidil has been producing steplessly growing baby carriers for babies and toddlers in regional and fair production.

What is important to us? We do not just want to bring one carrier after the other on the market. There are many really good baby carriers out there. When Buzzidil offers a baby carrier our aim is to solve one more problem that parents might have with existing baby carriers. We love to think one step further.

That’s why there’s a MeiTai baby carrier from Buzzidil NOW.

What makes the BuzziTai so special 

The BuzziTai does not only offer all the benefits of a MeiTai babycarrier – it has a special and unique feature: Our MeiTai babycarrier “BuzziTai” combines MeiTai and buckle carrier in one carrier! This is a real novelty.

As MeiTai, you have long shoulder straps to bind – cross them on your back, tighten and tie. That’s it. Quick and simple – and: It fits for tiny as well as for tall caregivers.

The advantage of a buckle carrier: You do not need to bind. Simply “click” twice  and off you go! The great thing about a buckle carrier is that the hip belt takes over a lot of weight of your growing baby from your shoulders.

No matter how you use your BuzziTai, it grows with your child – in the seat width as well as in the backpanel height. In only one adjustment step you can regulate your BuzziTai according to your baby’s growth. Absolutely exact, because you can make the adjustment whilst your baby is seated in the carrier

How does the BuzziTai work?

You can fold the shoulder belts and fix them when you want to use the BuzziTai as buckle carrier. You then close the well padded shoulder belt with a buckle to the back panel (recommended for babies aged 6 months and up).

Or you simply do it the other way round – unfolding the shoulder belts and using your BuzziTai as Mei Tai baby carrier.

Benefits for you

♥ ergonomically correct from birth to about 2 years

♥ MeiTai and Fullbuckle are combined in one baby carrier – for maximum comfort and maximum freedom

♥ ideal for parents, where one likes to bind, the other likes buckles

♥ quickly and comfortably

♥ padded hipbelt with a buckle

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