Your baby grows – Buzzidil carriers grow along!

Secure, ergonomic & comfy

Sustainable EU Production & Organic Cotton

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Buzzidil Baby Carriers ♡ ease your life, enjoy your love ♡ 365 days / year

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BuzziBreeze: your airy baby carrier

  • single-layered breathable organic cotton
  • detachable hood for more airiness
  • no Polyester-Mesh or Nylon on baby's skni
  • with buckles, no wrapping

Handmade in EU - 100% organic cotton

Choose your design

Security & Closeness for Babies - Freedom for Parents

3 Buzzidil Advantages

Buzzidil baby carriers grow with your baby with 1 step easy adapt

Fair produced from organic cotton, sustainably handmade within EU.

Comfy and ergonomic: For babies & parents.

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Baby Carriers from Austria: fair, sustainable, regional

We think that sustainability starts with the choice of material, goes on with fair and regional production and also relates on how you work with your employees. 

We think that maximizing profit cannot be the most important parameter for business. Because we only have this one world!

Easy to use,
comfy for baby and parents.

We do have printed instructions manuals with pictures and lots of video tutorials on how to use Buzzidil baby carriers. We even have specific tutorials for babywearing Dads!

More than 30,000 families use Buzzidil carriers

This is what others say about Buzzidil

Buzzidil Buckle Carrier

Buzzidil Buckle Carrier

Buzzidil is your baby carrier, when you are looking for the following features:

  • a baby carrier with buckles
  • suitable for my newborn
  • but also as comfy kid carrier for my toddler
Buzzidil Buckle Carrier

MyTai - MehDay Babycarrier

MyTai is your baby carrier, when you are looking for the following features:

  • a baby carrier to bind
  • grows from 0-24 months
  • padded hipbelt with buckle
Buzzidil Buckle Carrier

Wrapidil - WrapTai / Bei Dai

MyTai is your baby carrier, when you are looking for the following features:

  • a baby carrier to bind with performed back panel
  • honestly grows from 0-4 years
  • a baby carrier as versatile as a woven wrap

Why using a baby carrier?

During the nine months of pregnancy a baby is always close to Mom, hearing her, feeling her, even smelling her. It’s always warm, always in gentle movement, secure. 

Babywearing helps your baby to adapt to our loud, hectic and sometimes a bit weird world giving your baby security and closeness like in Mommy’s belly. For the very best start. 

Carrying your baby in a baby carrier is a perfect transit from Mommy's belly to our world.

For you babywearing means full flexibility and freedom whilst caring for your little one in your baby carrier. Hands free for daily errands, no queuing in front of elevators. Just adventure on – there’s no mountain too high!

Babywearing is.... love on the go

Parenting is a journey - Buzzidil is your Companion


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