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Your baby grows – Buzzidil carriers grow along!

secure, ergonomic & comfy

fair & sustainable production in Europe

Buzzidil Baby Carriers – ease your life, enjoy your love 365 days / year

Buzzidil - ergonomic baby carriers for the very best start

New Designs

Closeness for Babies – Freedom for Parents

To carry a baby means to welcome her/him.

The best start. Security, proximity, support – on the go.

No mountain is too high, no barriers. Everything is possible. Travel, excursions and of course the everyday life.

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Finding the best baby carrier?

You are not sure which baby carrier ist the right one for you and your baby? Our comparison of babywearing system helps you to find the best solution!

Baby Carriers from Austria: fair, sustainable, regional

We think that sustainability starts with the choice of material, goes on with fair and regional production and also relates on how you work with your employees. 

We think that maximizing profit cannot be the most important parameter for business. Because we only have this one world!

Easy to use,
comfy for baby and parents.

We do have printed instructions manuals with pictures and lots of video tutorials on how to use Buzzidil baby carriers. We even have specific tutorials for babywearing Dads!

Recommended from parents to parents

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During the nine months of pregnancy a baby is always close to Mom, hearing her, feeling her, even smelling her. It’s always warm, always in gentle movement, secure. 

Babywearing helps your baby to adapt to our loud, hectic and sometimes a bit weird world giving your baby security and closeness like in Mommy’s belly. For the very best start. 

For you babywearing means full flexibility and freedom whilst caring for your little one. Hands free for daily errands, no queuing in front of elevators. Just adventure on – there’s no mountain too high!

Parenting is a journey - Buzzidil is your Companion


Buzzidil Evolution: The difference between New Generation & Buzzidil Versatile

Buzzidil is pioneer for soft structured buckle carriers growing steplessly with babies since 2010. By means of a few adjusments you can adapt Buzzidil babycarriers to your baby’s size. And Buzzidil babycarriers are of course also adaptable for babywearers. 

Babycarrier Austria

Buzzidil Babycarrier with Austrian Sling Fabric

Why we produce in Europe? Because we never wanted to create a babycarrier, that's travelling around the world before becoming your daily life helper! Our sling fabric is based in Austria, so we have highest quality standards and work ethic. And that's important.

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