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We took some time to meditate about how we can thank you for your loyalty. With the BuzziPoints we want to say thank you and give something back to you. Receive BuzziPoints for shopping at, and redeem them with your next purchase.

Three steps to receive your bonus

1. Registration

Create a customer account at
As a registered customer, you collect BuzziPoints from your first order!

2. Order

Browse the Buzzidil online shop and find the perfect baby carrier for your baby and yourself.

You collect BuzziPoints not only when buying a baby carrier, but for all products in the entire shop!

3. Redeem your BuzziPoints

You can easily redeem your BuzziPoints with your next order.

No minimum order quantity

Even for shipping costs


  • You registered at
  • You neither canceled nor returned your order.
  • You didn´t choose a product from the SALE category.
  • Your BuzziPoints are valid for 1,5 years.
  • Although you cannot collect any BuzziPoints for reduced products, it is possible to redeem them with reduced items.
  • The loyalty discount cannot be redeemed in cash. Promotion valid only for retail prices.


How do I collect BuzziPoints?
It is really very simple: register at our online shop and with every purchase loyalty points are automatically credited to your account. You can see all your BuzziPoints in the shopping cart as well as in your customer account. As soon as you have collected 70+ BuzziPoints, you can redeem them the next time you shop at Important: You have to be logged in to collect BuzziPoints. No loyalty points are collected when purchasing discounted products.
How many BuzziPoints do I have?
You can check the amount of your BuzziPoints at any time. You find them in your customer account under the tab "My loyalty points"
How can I redeem my BuzziPoints?
Very simple: you see all your BuzziPoints in your customer account. You can then convert them into a voucher. Enter the voucher code at your next order.
How long are my BuzziPoints valid?
Your loyalty points are valid for 1.5 years. So if you buy a Buzzidil Babysize or a BuzziTai for your newborn baby, you collect points. Then you stock up on your carrying accessories and order shoulder strap protectors, a cover or lambskin shoes for the winter and collect points for this as well. After 1,5 years, when your baby has outgrown it´s first carrier, you might want to switch to a Buzzidil XL and redeem all of your BuzziPoints for it.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, you can redeem your BuzziPoints at any time. There is no minimum order quantity. You can redeem them not only for baby carriers, but also for covers, lambskin shoes, clothes or shoulder strap protectors. The more you order, the more BuzziPoints you collect.
I didn´t get any BuzziPoints - what can I do?
Please check: 1. Have you been logged into your customer account when making the purchase? You only collect loyalty points when you are logged in. 2. Did you buy a reduced product? Then there are no loyalty points. 3. Have you returned the product or canceled the order? Then the BuzziPoints are automatically withdrawn. If none of this points do apply, please contact our customer service at
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