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Did you know? Car doors are natural enemies of baby carrier buckles ;-)

You won't believe how often parents contact us that they destroyed one of the buckles on their baby carrier by slamming a car door on it. Here comes our solution. You can simply order a replacement buckle here.

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Buckle destroyed? Here you find the replacement buckle for your baby carrier.

The following buckles are used with Buzzidil baby carriers:

  • 3-point security buckles 25 mm (shoulder belts)
  • 25 mm buckles (sternum belt)
  • 38 mm buckles (hip belt)
  • cord lock
  • double cord locks
  • 25 mm ladder buckles (for shoulder belt shortening)

How to proceed: 

- Order this article (1 buckle)

- Let us have an email informing us which buckle has been damaged (a photo is always a good idea to identify the right buckle). 

- We will then let you have the right buckle. 

All Buzzidil baby carriers are equipped with buckles of highest quality. Therefore we did not have any buckle breakages without severe unforseen impacts posed on the buckle up to now. Our supplier also delivers to car seat producers and is a top quality producer on the market.

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