2nd Life

Give used baby carrier a second life

In this category you will find used baby carriers with an individual story: They were used as a testing carrier, are returned items, exhibit baby carrier oder have a small error. Because we dind't want to leave these products to their fate, we give them a chance for a second life. 

Marsupio ergonomico... Marsupio ergonomico... 2
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This babycarrier is very cushy but rather loosely woven. marsupio ergonomico con chiusure a zaino porto sulla pancia e sulla schiena e utilizzabile come appoggio sul fianco cresce col bambino (0-48 mesi) prodotto in Europa I marsupi ergonomici fullbuckle Buzzidil sono disponibili in tre taglie: Babysize da 56 cm a 86 cm di altezza Standard...
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