Design your babycarrier!

Sew babycarrier from sling

You can send us your own baby sling to make a Buzzidil from it or you can choose from our fabrics on stock. Please find all fabrics in stock for headrests, hip- and shoulder belts and back panels here:

Order per email:

Buzzidil Sizes: 

  • Babysize: 56 - 86/92 cm | 22 - 34/36 inch baby's body length (approx 0 - 18 months)
  • Standard: 62/68 - 98/104 cm | 25/27 - 39/41 inch baby's body length (approx 3 - 36 months)
  • XL: 74/80 - 110 cm | 29/31 - 43 inch baby's body length (approx 8 - 48 months)
  • Preschooler: 36 - 48 inch baby's body length (approx 2 - 5 years)


Of course you can also order our Onbuhimo-SSC-hybrid babycarrier BuzziBu (adjustable from 6 - 36 months) or our Wraptai/BeiDai Wrapidil (adjustable from birth on up to 4 years) or MeiTai BuzziTai on demand. To find out which of our babycarriers suits you best, please use our Babycarrier Guide.

Prices for a Buzzidil on Demand

Prices - Buzzidil from fabrics in stock ( 

Babysize: EUR 160 (incl 20% VAT)

Standard:  EUR 175 (incl 20% VAT)

XL: EUR 190 (incl 20% VAT)

Preschooler: EUR 200 (incl 20% VAT)

BuzziBu: EUR 175 (incl 20% VAT)

Wrapidil: EUR 175 (incl 20% VAT)


Prices - Buzzidil with back panel and headrest from customer's baby sling (wrap):

Babysize: EUR 152 (incl 20% VAT)

Standard: EUR 167 (incl 20% VAT)

XL: EUR 182 (incl 20% VAT)

Preschooler: EUR 192 (incl 20% VAT)

BuzziBu: EUR 167 (incl 20% VAT)

Wrapidil: EUR 167 (incl 20% VAT)


Prices - Full Wrap Buzzidil (complete Buzzidil made from customer's baby sling):

Babysize: EUR 149 (incl 20% VAT)

Standard: EUR 164 (incl 20% VAT)

XL: EUR 179 (incl 20% VAT)

Preschooler: EUR 189 (incl 20% VAT)

BuzziBu: EUR 164 (incl 20% VAT)

Wrapidil: EUR 164 (incl 20% VAT)

Specials (pattern amendments, applications etc): prices depend on expenditure of work. 

Please note that not all baby slings / wraps are suitable for being converted into Buzzidil babycarriers!

For your order please contact us per email:

Amendments for Buzzidil carriers in stock:

Do you need amendments for the hip belt or the shoulder belt length? We can fit Buzzidil carriers on stock for your needs. Just choose your Buzzidil babycarrier and the amendment needed in the Accessories section and then prodeed with your online order.  

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