Carry Consult/Midwifes/Kangatrainers

Babys are your mission? We would love to support you! 

***Please note: Reduced prices are visible AFTER activation of your professional account only***

The offers in this category address to you when you are:

  • Babywearing consultant / you run a sling library
  • Midwife
  • Medical expert with focus on babies
  • Birthplaces, childcare institutions

This is how it works: 

Please register in this online-shop and let us have your certificate per email to We will then activate your customer account for consultants' conditions.

Please note: Before activation of your account you can just see consumer prices - conditions for professionals will just be shown after activation of your account when opening the article description (it can be that the prices are not shown in the article overview). Activation can take 1 - 2 working days. Orders according to professionals' conditions will only be possible after activation - please do not place an order before.

You can have one babycarrier of each type and size for your consultancy activities!

This is your choice:  

We do offer special rates for consultants on all babycarriers we have in stock. Consultants'prices will be shown after opening the article or in your shopping cart.

Here, in this category you will finde some designs we offer at even lower rates Curious? Just scroll down!

Functionality is everything - it doesn't make a difference which design you get? We offer several consultant packages covering different babywearing issues. Just keep on scrolling. Please note: With consultant packages there is no choice of designs. 


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