Carrying babies with ease - MyTai, the new Halfbuckle MehDai from Buzzidil

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Easy, quick and ergonomic - the new Buzzidil MyTai baby carrier forgives minor mistakes and helps you “to master the Art of babywearing”. Babywearing becomes child´s play.

For parents babywearing simplifies everyday life, it is a feeling of security for babies - always and everywhere - even on the go. And that's what we like to call a win-win situation: great for your baby as well as for you.

Carrying should also be easy and quick, because everyday life can take up quite a lot of time – especially with a baby. Because we all know this from experience, we've made our Mei Tai as quick and easy as possible - it only takes 40 seconds to adjust it to the size of your baby AND to tie it.

Therefore, the MyTai comes with/has a buckle on the waistbelt - making it a so-called halfbuckle: waistbelt to click, shoulder straps to tie.

Stepless adjustable baby carrier – so quick & easy

Like all Buzzidil baby carriers, the MyTai intuitively grows with your child - with just one setting: Pull the drawstrings above the hip belt tight enough so the width of the backpanel is a bit smaller than the distance between the hollows of your baby´s knees. If you use it for the first time the best thing would be to pull them even a little bit tighter than necessary. 

You do not need to measure too much in advance, because you can adjust everything while your baby is sitting in the carrier. This is quite simple:

- Feel how far the back panel still needs to get to the hollow of your baby's knee.

- Loosen the drawstring and pull the back panel until it sits about one fingerbreadth away from the hollow of the baby's knee.

This means that your baby can move its lower legs freely and is well supported around the thigh. And if your baby grows, you can simply readjust at any time! 

The MyTai fits as long as your baby's knees are higher than its bottom – as long as this is the case, your child is still in a good spread-squat position . You can use the MyTai continuously from birth to toddler age.

All round carrier especially for beginners

The MyTai is designed especially for those, who are new to babywearing - and that is why it is so forgiving! We know that everyday life will sometimes be quite stressful. You might be in a rush, the baby is a bit uneasy and just as there are “bad hair days”, there are also days when you are all thumbs while putting on your baby carrier.

The MyTai might bring a little relief - if the shoulder straps have not been pulled tight enough, you don't have to start all over again: you can simply tighten the regulators on the shoulder straps. This is particularly convenient if you carry your baby under your jacket.

Conclusion: The MyTai is an extremely uncomplicated baby carrier, sewn in the EU, made of sling fabric from 100% organic cotton.

BuzziTai or MyTai?

You are wondering whether to choose the BuzziTai or the MyTai? Here's a tip:

The BuzziTai is the right choice for you if you like to have a smart baby carrier that can even be converted into a full buckle. Because BuzziTai is MehDai and Fullbuckle all in one!

The MyTai is the right choice for you if you are looking for a very simple entry-level baby carrier, one that you can easily use without any prior babywearing experience.

Either baby carrier grows steplessly from 0-24 months. The big advantage MehDai: petite mom, tall dad,… they can easily share it, as there is no need to rearrange any buckles on your shoulder straps.

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