Buzzidil Evolution – the growing baby carrier easy to adapt

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How can we make babywearing easier? More ergonomic? And secure! This drives us – for 10 years now. And we go on with our passion – proudly presenting: the new 

Buzzidil Evolution

 Buzzidil Evolution buckle carrier

It’s an evolution

A baby growing from newborn to a running, jumping toddler. From being a tiny attachment just starting into the world to exploring this world as cheerful and curious little fellow. This evolution of a child, this evolution of a family also needs an evolutive baby carrier – as companion through baby’s first years. 

A baby carrier growing along with the baby. Because babies grow quickly. Because the ergonomic needs of a newborn are different to those of a running toddler. And – last but not least – because carrying should be comfy for you as parents, too – regardless whether you carry your newborn or your toddler. 

Making a steplessly growing buckle carrier - this was our mission when we started off, back in 2010 with the first Buzzidil buckle carrier. And like a baby our buckle carrier evolved – Buzzidil X facilitating to also cross the shoulder belts (2011), Buzzidil New Generation with a new hipbelt solution (2013), Buzzidil Versatile offering comfy baby wearing for tiny and tall, for big and for small … babies and caregivers (2016). 

Improving our baby carrier was always closely bound to our customers’ opinions, to remarks of babywearing specialists and health experts. 

Based on these opinions and on parents’ needs we were evolving Buzzidil carriers in recent years, adding functions, improving, offering new solutions and possibilities. 


Recently we found that parents have a strong need to simplify. Maybe it’s because our world is getting quicker every day. Maybe it’s because complexity of everyday life increases. 

So we sat down and evaluated all functionalities and tried to make things easier. Simplify. Because a parent’s daily routine is intensive, often exhausting and sometimes irritating enough. 

Simplify. Because a baby carrier should be…

easy to use & easy to adjust

So this is our task: Offering all important possibilities as simple as we can. 

Buzzidil Evolution steplessly growing baby carrier

The most important amendments:

  1. The adjustment system gets a small but very effective update: When using a Buzzidil baby carrier you need only 1 adjustment to adapt the seat width and height of the back panel to your baby’s growth. It’s one simple tunnel system being adapted by means of cord locks. We now changed this tunnel system slightly arranging it inclined with great effect: Buzzidil Babysize now adapts perfectly also to newborn babies!  
  2. The headrest solution was simplified offering now headrest bands at the corners of the headrest. You can – like before – hang in the headrest into the shoulder belts in advance. This makes the use of the headrest easier when back carrying.  
  3. Still, the headrest is really versatile – you can roll it in, you can just use it at „half-staff“. Check out the new possibilities in the Buzzidil Evolution front carry video tutorial!
  4. Instead of the seat cushions there are now sewn-in paddings for baby’s legs.
  5. The buckles on the backpanel can be hidden in small pouches when not in use. 
  6. The straps on the shoulder belts can now be made longer – this eases the crossing of the shoulder belts – a carrying alternative especially comfy for breastfeeding moms.  

These core features remain:

  1. The intuitive adjustment system to adapt Buzzidil baby carriers to baby’s size and growth. This is one of the main strengths of Buzzidil carriers – no need to measure in advance, no need to work with trial & error. Easily adapt your Buzzidil when your baby is seated in the carrier. Simple and absolutely exact. 
  2. The adjustment of seat width and height in only one easy step…. By means of the tunnels in the lower part of the back panel.  Btw: Did you know that the vertical tunnels on the back panel sides are NOT made to change the height of the back panel? They are made to improve the side stability when your small baby is asleep in the carrier. It’s a common misunderstanding that a regulation at the sides of a back panel could shorten it. But honestly, the side regulation cannot affect the mid part of the back panel. The perfect fit of the mid part, however, is absolutely vital for a good seat of your baby. Babys back should be embraced by the back panel fabric to give your baby good stability without deep folds and without punctual strain. 
  3. This is also why we remain with 3 Buzzidil buckle carrier sizes. It’s a bit like with car seats: Your would never place a newborn into a forward facing booster seat would you? Especially for newborn babies it is vital that the back panel of a baby carrier surrounds baby’s back in a perfect fit, giving snuggle support for baby’s upper spine. Buzzidil Babysize therefore has a completely different cut than Buzzidil Standard and Buzzidil XL. A buckle carrier allegedly fitting from 0-4 years very often is just a mediocre compromise. 
  4. Buzzidil Evolution also offers the possiblity to close shoulder belts either with buckles on the hip belt or on the back panel alternatively. Especially for newborn babies and babies that are not yet crawling you should avoid punctual strain to baby’s back. Therefore, Buzzidil offers a shoulder belt attachment on the hip belt. Still, when your baby develops, grows, starts to crawl and can sit down autonomously, you can choose to attach the shoulder belts to the back panel. Your baby’s back development is already advanced – so you can use this solution to make carrying your heavier child more comfortable for you as the weight of your baby is distributed from your shoulders to your hips. Babywearing is good for your child. And it should be good for you, too. Because parents also have to preserve their own resources – for the best of their kids ;-) 
  5. A comfy fit for parents – and the possibility to adapt Buzzidil baby carriers to petite, tall, big and small … caregivers. 
  6. High quality production within the EU. Because a regional, fair production is vital to us. It is vital to the future of our kids. We think, that cheap third world production became too expensive in terms of the future world of our kids. There is no second planet Earth for us. Think about it. 
  7. High quality organic material, GOTS certified fabrics and yarns. Reduction of packaging waste. For example, we are using a circulation system for the packaging of our deliveries from our sewing firms: All Buzzidil baby carriers are packed in large fabric bags. One set of bags comes filled with brand-new Buzzidil baby carriers. The set of bags from the previous delivery goes back to our sewing partner in exchange.

Everything is in a flow, everything is in evolution… so are we. When sewing the first Buzzidil baby carrier back in May 2010, I never thought that one time “my baby carrier” would be a companion to so many families worldwide. Thank you for all this enthusiasm, trust and friendship! 

From time to time, I’ve been struggling with plagiarism, with price competition in the recent years. But finally, I strongly believe: Quality, honesty and the will to put all my heart into the development of helpful, elaborate baby carriers will finally prevail. 

Have fun with the new Buzzidil Evolution!

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