Pink October

Pink October

October is pink!

The breast cancer month has begun and this is the occasion to start an action in pink. Throughout October, when buying a Buzzidil ​​baby carrier in the colors pink, pink, purple or purple, you will pay 5€ to the Austrian Cancer Aid.

Early detection, research and treatment for breast cancer are just important.

Facette Pink Rainbow Facette Pink Rainbow 2
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BuzziTai MehDai & SSC
BuzziTai Facette Pink Rainbow I MeiTai & SSC
BuzziTai Facette Pink Rainbow - a stylish accessoire BuzziTai is a unique babywearing system combining the benefits of MeiTai and SSC in one babycarrier. You decide if you'd rather like to tie or to click. Both alternatives are ergonomic, quick and comfy for both - baby and wearer - from newborn till toddler age. The BuzziTai Facette Pink Rainbow is a...
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