WrapIt Woven Wraps & Ringslings

The sling is THE babycarrier classic - usable from birth through the whole wearing time. With a variety of bindings, you can tie the baby sling just as you and your baby like best! The ringling is a fast wearing option for wearing on the hip. Small pack size and lightning fast in use for short carrying distances.

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WrapIt Woven Wraps & Ringslings
Woven Wrap | Wrap It | Diamond Fox (Size 6 - 4,6m)
Buzzidil Wrap It Diamond Fox is a  woven wrap for really cool kids. The reduced grafic design reflects an urban lifestyle and still is ..... so fox!  A woven wrap is an absolutely versatile baby carrier for newborn babies up to toddlerhood. With a bit of exercise you can adjust it perfectly to your growing baby.  Buzzidil Wrap It woven wraps are...
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