BuzziTai MehDai & SSC

  • MehDai & buckle carrier in one
  • front and back carry
  • grows from birth up to 2 years
  • binding for newborn babies
  • buckles for better weight distribution
  • ergonomic and comfy
  • easy to use, easy to adjust
  • made in Europe
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BuzziTai Little Mole Red I MeiTai & SSC BuzziTai Little Mole Red I MeiTai & SSC 2
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BuzziTai MehDai & SSC
BuzziTai Little Mole Red I MeiTai & SSC
€99.93 €124.92
BuzziTai Little Mole Red- a design to dream! BuzziTai is a unique babywearing system combining the benefits of MeiTai and SSC in one babycarrier. You decide if you'd rather like to tie or to click. Both alternatives are ergonomic, quick and comfy for both - baby and wearer - from newborn till toddler age. The BuzziTai Little Mole Red is the right design...
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