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Want to buy a baby carrier and are not sure which one suits you best? Just make the the everyday test!

Rent one or more Buzzidil ​​baby carrier(s), test extensively and return it when you have completed the carrying test.

This is how it works: Choose one or more Buzzidil baby carrier system(s) to test by ordering this product. The product "price" is a deposit fee. For each test week we deduct a rental fee of EUR 5 from this deposit. After returning the carrier to us the deposit rest will be reimbursed. 

Your bonus: If you are satisfied with the baby carrier and decide to buy a new one via this store during the first three testing-weeks, you will get a voucher in the amount of the rental fee of 3 weeks.

For all detail: See the description below!

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Choice of your test carrier: You can choose one or also more test carriers. To decide which Buzzidil baby carrier system you would like to test, please have a look at our Baby Carrier Guide! You can of course also test more than one system. In such case simply choose the respective amount. Please inform us in your order comments or per email to office@buzzidil.com which baby carrier(s) you would like to test! Please understand that there is no design choice for the test carrier. 

Security deposit: 98 euros/baby carrier. The deposit will be reimbursed after deduction of the rental fee after the baby carrier has been returned. 

Rental fee: For each rented baby carrier we charge € 5 per week or part thereof. You decide how long you want to test your baby carrier. Maximum time is 3 months.

Bonus: In case you decide to buy a baby carrier in this store within 3 months, the (respective) rental fee (max. EUR 15 for 3 weeks) will be deducted from the purchase price. Please note: If you have rented more than one test carrier, only the rental fee of one (1) test carrier (up to EUR 15) can be redeemed for one (1) subsequently purchased baby carrier.

Please note: The shipping costs are non-refundable and are paid by the customer. You will receive a used, washed carrier for testing - the product images are only a sample. No motif selection for the test carrier possible. Please return your test carrier unwashed - we will take care of the cleaning.

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