Becoming Buzzidil Retailer

Buzzidil babycarriers offer perfect fit for babies and are comfy for parents. Buzzidil is pioneer in smart adjustable babycarriers - all Buzzidil babycarriers are adaptable to baby's growth and physical development. 

All our babycarriers are tested for their security, produced under fair conditions in Europe with high quality materials and are available in manifold designs. 

Do you want to come along with us? 

To become a retailer just let us hava an email to office[at] indicating your business details, if applicable your VAT number and your trade license. Please register in our shop - after clarifying all details we will activate your customer account as retailer account. Welcome to the team! Please note: Only when you are logged in with your retailer account your specific conditions will be visible and applicable. 

We are looking forward to spreading babywearing love together!

Retailer Lists

Frankreich / France

33870 VAYRES, Gironde

VIALOR GILLES – Jolie Cerise


34080 Montpellier, Hérault

My wonderful kids


56950 CRACH, Morbihan

SARL Frewan Naturiou 

Belgien / Belgium

1170 Brüssel

Boutique du portage


3000 Leuven

Doekjes en Borekjes

Slowakei / Slovakia

064 01 Stará Ľubovňa

Tatiana & Štefan –

 Vsetínska 1046/44

+421 948 466 985


94901 Nitra


Portugal / Portugal

4730-698 Vila Verde

Carregados de Amor

Türkei / Turkey

34734 Istanbul

Miss Bebek

Norwegen / Norway

0257 Oslo


Singapur / Singapore

307968 Singapur

Kool Kidz

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