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Couverture pour porter ton bébé dans mauvais temps. 

  • s’attache facilement à tous les systems du porte-bébé
  • unisex, pour Maman & Papa 
  • pour des enfants du 0 à 4 ans 
  • résistance aux intempéries  pendant porter ton bébé ventral ou dorsal
  • respirant, protecteur contre le vent, hydrofuge

Le house de protection peut etre ajusté à l’aide d’un cordon. Softshell, lavable à 30°C.

Combinaison avec le Hoodie pour bébé possible – choisis le paquet.


The Heavy Weather Cover & Hoodie are made from cosy softshell fabrics. Within seconds you can throw the cover over your baby carrier and it can be used with all kinds of babywearing systems! 

Protection against wind & weather, washable at 30°C (please only wash rarely). Adjustable with tunnels and stand-up collar. 

The Heavy Weather Hoodie can be combined to your cover - please choose the combination product


Simply slip into the shoulder belts of the cover and connect them with the sternum strap of your baby carrier. The cover works like a babywearing "blanket". In case you use a woven wrap you could use a thin cord to avoid slipping of the shoulder belts. 

For protection against draft from the side you can also close the cover on your back. 

  • can be used with all kinds of babywearing systems
  • breathable, water-repellent, wind resistant, soooo cosy
  • your daily companion - use it as baby blanket in the stroller when you are not babywearing

Softshell is a multi-layer fabric made from water-repellent high-tech fibres. For softshell more fabric layers (at least two) are combined resulting in a fabric with a water-repellent outside and a warming inside layer. The outside is also equipped with an additional impregnation to make it even more water repelling. 

Washable at 30°C, hand wash. Please wash rarely as this also washes out impregnations. 

During a heavy downpour we recommend also using an umbrella: As softshell is a breathable fabric it cannot be 100% waterproof. 

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