We are aware that you want to enjoy babywearing as soon as possible. We try to speed up the dispatch for you: 

Delivery Time

All orders are normally dispatched 1-2 working days after receipt of payment. Our dispatch services are effectuated - according to your choice - by post.at or GLS. 

Delivery time within Austria is normally 1-2 working days after collection, to Germany 2-3 working days, to other EU countries about 4-5 working days after the parcel has been collected in our office. Please note: We can just estimate this as it is outside our sphere of action. With regard to parcels outside the EU (eg Switzerland) it is a bit difficult to estimate the delivery time as this also always depends on the work of customs offices. 

We always try to dispatch as quick as possible - we do know parents and baby are waiting for their baby carrier is to you and that babywearing is a big help in everyday life! Still, please understand, that we do not have a lot of influence on how long deliveries take after the parcel left our office. Luckily nearly all deliveries work smoothly - in the seldom case that problems occur we always work intensly on solving these as quick as possible. 

Dispatch Costs

The precise dispatch costs are always indicated during the order procedure - of course before you finalize your order. Please just indicate when ordering your delivery address and our online shop system will inform you about the exact dispatch costs.

We do know that many shops and especially the big marketplaces offer "free" delivery. Please, be aware that the delivery costs are then simply calculated into the prices. We believe it is more fair and honest to precisely inform about the costs of delivery instead of simply including these cost into the (then higher) price. Finally deliveries also mean a lot of work (and sweat for all the guys bringing your parcels comfortably to you) that has to be honored. 

Due to the really low dispatch costs of GLS within Austria we can offer free dispatch in Austria for order sums of EUR 120 and up.

Sustainable Packaging - our Attitude to our Environment

We send our baby carriers in a customized box. For ecological reasons be try to avoid needless over-packages, especially those made from plastic. Waste mountains - also from e-commerce - are growing daily. We try in every part of our company to find environmentally sustainable solutions - so we hope to find your acceptance here. 

Finally: This might sound a bit weird for an online store... however, please just order when you really want this product. From the big marketplaces we see a drift to hasty orders, just to get a glimpse of the product. Tons of goods are delivered to and fro, polluting our environment. When you just want to feel or see - we do cooperate with many babywearing educators and sling libraries for you - to test, to try, to inform. All Viennese customers are warmly welcomed to come along to our office, too. 

Of course you do have for all orders in our shop as an EU consumer a 14 days right of withdrawal, in case the ordered product does not fit. 

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