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Neues Logo BuzzidilTo carry a baby means to welcome it. The best start. Security, proximity, support – on the go. No mountain is too high, no barriers. Everything is possible. Travel, excursions and of course the everyday life.

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    Buzzidil babycarriers grow steplessly with your baby. By means of a single adjustment the backpanel of the Buzzidil babycarrier can be adapted to baby’s growth in ist width and height. So you can adjust your Buzzidil babycarrier for a perfect fit – this is good for your baby’s hips as well as for your baby’s back.

    For small babies younger than 6 months the shoulder belts can be attached to the hipbelt of the Buzzidil babycarrier – this avoids pressure on baby’s back.

    When your baby grows and passes important development steps and starts to be mobile this is the perfect moment to attach the shoulder belts of your Buzzidil babycarrier to the back panel. This makes the back panel longer and it helps you carrying your bigger (and heavier) baby. By means of this adjustment the hipbelt of the Buzzidil babycarrier takes over a lot of weight and relieves your shoulders from your baby’s weight.

  • Why Buzzidil?

    Through nine months of pregnancy your baby was always near Mum. Feeling her, hearing her, even smelling her.

    Warm, cosy and always in gentle motion.Carrying your baby after birth helps your baby to adjust to our loud, exciting, fantastic and sometimes weird world. It’s pure love and for you as parents babywaring grants you more freedom of action.

  • Sizes

    Buzzidil babycarriers are extremely versatile and grow with your baby for a very long time. Still, as well as baby clothing or car seats a babycarrier functioning with buckles honestly cannot fit from newborn age to five years.
    Therefore Buzzidil babycarriers come in three honest sizes:

    Buzzidil Babysize: adaptable from 0 – 18 months

    Buzzidil Standard: adaptable from 3 – 36 months

    Buzzidil XL: adaptable from 8 – 48 months

    Wrapidil babycarriers can be adapted by means of its adjustments but also by means of its broad wrap tails for binding from 0 – 36 months.

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