Babywearing in winter is not just the perfect way to overcome snow piles but also keeps you and your little one warm and cosy. That you always have a direct feeling about how warm or cold your baby feels is one of the big benefits of winter-babywearing, in addition to the fact that you function like a heating for your little one (and vice versa). Here are our top tips for babywearing in winter…

Babytragen im Winter mit Buzzidil Babycarrier Winter babywearing

Babywearing Tips for your Baby:

  1. Always check in your baby’s neck wether he or she feels warm and cosy, hot or cold. As we big ones also our kids feel warmth differently – some freeze often, others sweat quicklier, find out about your child individually (btw: granny doesn’t know 😉 ).
  2. Layering! Dress your child with different layers – so you can undress easily when you find out it is warmer than you thought.
  3. Never forget a hat – babies loose most temperature over their head.
  4. Check whether you will be outside all the time with your baby or whether you are e.g. shopping, so being inside and outside alternate. You should make sure that your baby is not sweating when being inside. Fleece overalls are a good garment for such occasions.
  5. Wool garment is balancing – it keeps your baby also especially warm when it is outside.
  6. Most babies hate gloves – overalls where you can turn the sleeves over baby’s hands are a good solution.
  7. Feet are cold very often. Lamb wool shoes are wonderful to keep baby’s feet warm.

Babywearing Tips for you:

  1. To wear your baby in winter, you can use a babywearing jacket. This is the maximum alternative, still my kids never wanted to be under my jacket when I was wearing them on my back.
  2. You could also take your baby under your own (bigger) jacket – still, this will just work when your baby is small. A cheap alternative to a babywearing jacket is a babywearing cover which is sort of a blanket being used over a babycarrier or a woven wrap.
  3. A running and jumping toddler can also be worn over your jacket. Using a woolen overall keeps your baby warmer than a normal skiing overall that just warms because of the air buffers in-between the layers (these buffers are compressed whilst babywearing and therefore don’t work then).
  4. Don’t forget a scarf for you. Gloves where you can turn the part over your finger tips are a good idea for baby wearing.
  5. Use shoes without heels and when it is slippery they should have a good profile. I even have shoes with spikes for our winter holiday trails going over snow and ice.