BuzziBu Onbuhimo KomforttrageAs a mom of four really big baby boys I do appreciate babycarriers with well padded hipbelts.  The flexibility you gain by means of babywearing and the closeness your baby can enjoy whilst babywearing is a wonderful win-win-situation. And it’s even better when a babycarrier is really comfy and even more better when it can also be adapted to baby’s growth. This was why I invented the Buzzidil babycarriers steplessly growing with a baby in 2010.

Lately I saw the trend to babycarriers inspired by the Japanese Onbuhimo. These carriers have a backpanel and mostly well padded shoulderbelts but no hipbelt. The advantages are obvious – small package, easy to use, no belt around the caregiver’s belly which is preferred by many women during pregnancy. In summer it’s airy, in winter easy also over thick jackets.

However, the missing hipbelt leads to the result that baby’s weight is hanging on caregiver’s shoulders. There is no weight distribution to the hip possible.

An Onbuhimo? Really?

So, as I mentioned my babys were really big. My smallest one was weighing 12 kg (26.5 lb) with 9 months (nearly purely breastfed), 16 kg (35.3 lb) with one year and 18 kg (39.7 lb) with two years. This is really heavy. And I do know that I could wear him in a good Onbuhimo carrier maybe for half an hour but then I am done.

You know these situations – you think your little one is running anyway and you just needs some wearing opportunity as backup, just in case… and then you end up with a grumpy, tired toddler you wear for one or two hours on your back. So, my idea was that in such situations an Onbuhimo would be great as it is a small package and lightweight. However, there should be some solution that you can make sort of a comfy fullbuckle carrier out of it just in case you turn out to wear your toddler longer than expected.

I tried prototypes with a hipbelt that can be removed (quite like with our Bei Dai carrier Wrapidil). A nice solution. But honestly – who is taking a hipbelt along with so many baby stuff you have to carry anyway?

Bu, the Buckle

So I decided, the solution has to be so small that you can have it with you all the time – right in your carrier. And there came the buckle we internally call „Ignatz“ (which is a very old German name): This buckle can be attached to the buckles placed at the lower corners of the backpanel and builds a hipbelt together with them. At the same time you connect the shoulder belts to buckles on the back panel and there you go with your fullbuckle carrier.

BuzziBu Onbuhimo Hybrid used as comfy SSC with hipbelt

BuzziBu used as SSC

By choosing this alternative the weight of your baby is distributed to your hip and carrying a heavier child for a longer time is no problem any more. The buckle is always available in a small pocket in the carrier and so it is right there when you need it.

Of course all these buckles are 3-point security buckles (like in our Buzzidil babycarriers) in order to avoid the risk of manipulation by our toddlers. For those who want an additional padding – this is of course available as an accessory.

And what does Buzzibu now stand for? Well „Buzzi“ obviously refers to our brand name and „bu“ stands for the magic little buckle („Ignatz“ is nice but, well, not too international and difficult to spell in some languages 😉 ).

BuzziBu hybrid carriers can be used as Onbuhimo on the back, as fullbuckle on the back an das fullbuckle in the front. They grow steplessly with babies from 6 – 36 months. Enjoy babywearing!